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Posted on: June 16, 2009

Sop Ayam Alakadarnya

Sop Ayam Alakadarnya

“HmmHhmmMMm…  Delicious!” haha.:D

That was my friend of mine responding when I shared my food I made and I  named it “Sop Ayam Alakadarnya” = chicken soup (sop = soup; ayam = chicken; alakadarnya = as it is).  I am a girl but I seldom to cook since I work everyday, have many other activities to do after that and I am spoiled with the number of food sellers around where I am living at. But I love to cook anyway, my mother teached me to cook when I was kid and/or when I was living with her 🙂 Thanks Mum, Love you .

That is one of my gorgeous creation name “Soup Ayam Alakadarnya” qeqeqeqe. Trust me, that was delicious!. You want me to cook more when you taste it 😉 . lol.


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